By him, I mean the cutie that has caught my eye for months.
I’m actually really excited because it’s a chance for him and I to possibly become closer, or better friends. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me, as long as I get to be with him.
I hope I get to have some doctrine related conversation since I love listening to him talk about it. Aasdfhdjdhdgshajff.
I need help.

He and I are going to warped tour together, and hopefully getting a hotel room with 2 other friends.

Got tickets today :)

Everything seems a bit dry. I’m kinda sore also covered in mosquito bites. Today was very unproductive wow

I’m kinda conflicted with how I feel about him. There’s two guys that really got ny attention lately. One of them is taken, and one of them I’m 900% sure hes not even remotely interested in me. The first one really gets me though, he’s enjoyable to talk to, and he and I share a lot of interests. Tonight he and I sat around and talked for most of the night, I guess. He was kinda being dragged around, but when he and I did talk, it was fun. He’s funny.
And the other, I don’t know… hes almost a polar opposite of me, his beliefs are almost all contrary to my own, plus his humor kinda makes me feel bad sometimes. But hes got a really great personality, and he’s easygoing. Ugh.
Why does everything have to be so hard? Why do I have to be so AWKWARD?
I just wish Adam and I could be a thing again. At least when I was with him, things were semi-stable. Being single is unpredictable, and it’s annoying once you develop feelings for someone who doesn’t even like you.

I feel like such a whiny piece of trash, but oh well. I needed to let it out.

Like 10 guys saw my butt tonight. 0/10 would not recommend tubing with only a bikini top and shorts that are too big

I’m not allowed to fall in love again. It was ends with hurt but oH WELL. DUMB EMOTIONS DOING THE THING.